7 Reasons Why Software Engineers Crash Often?

4 min readMar 12

7 reasons why programmers often burn out or crash, from my experience as a front-end developer.

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

As a front-end developer, I think I can say it’s an awesome career. But at the same time, it’s also at times very frustrating.

There are all kinds of accidents every day, which are really surprising, stressful — and sometimes even exciting. I’ve listed seven such accidents below that sometimes cause developers to crash.

1. When product managers change the requirements on a whim

Believe it or not, product managers are sometimes the worst nemesis of programmers. Sometimes it feels like the company must not want to make it easier for programmers. Well, that’s what I thought.

I have encountered many occasions when product managers changed their requirements just as the project was about to go online.

Sometimes you have done a lot of hard work and finally implemented a complex function, but at the very last moment, the product manager says, “Let’s not do this function for now.”

Wouldn’t it make you break down? Let’s ask product managers to not unreasonably change product requirements.

2. When there is a bug in your code

Your boss says with tears in his eyes: “Quickly solve the bug, or I will solve you.”

“What? My program has a bug?” It’s unbelievable that it happens in an online environment.

One afternoon, you were enjoying the afternoon sun with a cup of coffee, but a bug in your program cost the company $300 million.

3. You can’t go to the breakpoint when debugging


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